Classic albums sex pistols music videos in Calgary

Steve birmingham. It seems incredible that you have left out The Stranglers from such a detailed punk retrospective. At 14 I was mesmerized by Sid and I made my first home-made tee shirt of him snarling his lip defiantly.

It would appear they upset too many people they were true protaganist and anti-establishment managing to keep integrity whilst balancing having to make a living with not selling out to america. Subway Sect, Slits, Siouxsie, Stranglers nobody sounded the same but they were all a big part of the classic albums sex pistols music videos in Calgary revolution.

The music was a breath of fresh air and changed my view of the world. Get over it. Ok, so they were a converted pub rock band from Guildford Whilst not condoling what happened and I can see why Savage might be miffed, you can't just re-write history beacuse you don't like it.

Their music today is every bit as good as then.

Classic albums sex pistols music videos in Calgary любопытный

Rob, Southend on sea. No mention of the Stranglers? Martin, Southend. How can you have a programme about punk with out even a mention of the stranglers. It's like a documentary on rock music without Led Zep or the s without the Beatles. Even now they sanitise history.

Another so called look back at "punk" era

  • The album has influenced many bands and musicians, and the industry in general.
  • Very informative documentary about a punk rock band I've loved since the 70's.

The Stranglers not mentioned again!!! As the producer points out, 1 hour is not enough to give the subject justice and the film was made acknowledging that and other limitations. You should have spoke to Nick Kent and Tony Parsons. James, Scotland.

Color: Color.

Classic albums sex pistols music videos in Calgary

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