Difference between love and sex yahoo answers in Antioch

For young adult I would keep it vague, and not go into much detail. March 8, at pm. Crime ring that trafficked in shark fins is dismantled. As my pic shows, I'm all male. To me, when you have sex, it's all about the pleasurable physical mechanics of it.

Sex is a physical act only. Please keep prayer in the home where it belongs. That has no sentimental meaning to it. Just a personal opinion. All I can say is parents always put your children first, selfishness to still have fun and not look at life as is ment to be.

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People say, we just f u c k e d. Making love- emotional connection. Comments No comments so far! As sick as it sounds, perhaps they've got some kind of interest in that sort of thing, and want to include it in their own book. Results in alot of lost souls always looking for happiness in the wrong places.

Blake: 'It hurts to breathe' in video from hospital. October 10, at am.

It's all the same. Sex is just a form of gratification. They think it adds on and creates more basis in their characters' relationship, even though it doesn't.

Difference between love and sex yahoo answers in Antioch

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  • you are male or female. Want to know if there is a big difference in answers. Sex is just the act, but making love is when your emotions are involved. Both are​. 24 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. making love is more sensual and emotional and more like u LOOOVEE the person. sex is​.
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  • Hi there. I am writing a story and I want there to be an intense sex scene to show the connection between the two characters. Any tips or hints? Please no stupid. What's different about it? I understand it's when two people are in love but is that it? How do you make it different from sex? My girlfriend told me.
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