Funny sex names urban dictionary in Shepparton

And some of them are certainly not used any more, or you made the buggers up. Hi Stephen, thanks for your input. A few cans short of a six pack beer. Oddly though, some of these words end up being longer than they were originally.

Dirty Thunderstorm. Aussie slang all makes perfect sense to me now! Bloody funny accent that was! Now out of the Military and yrs young, I still speak Aussie than anything. To knock is to poke fun at; a knocker is one who knocks; to knock back is to refuse; and to knock off is either to steal something or finish work.

Have a great weekend!!

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Her outfit is bangin'! Term implies rear-entry - that is, " doggy style. Last edited on Jan 18 Last edited on May 28 With mature trees and an established rose garden, Queens Garden is a romantic and restful place to spend time with friends. If I put a sock on the doorknob, don't come in: it means I'm going to ball my girlfriend.

Root -to root is to have sex. Im from a small rural outback town in Australia. It is an abbreviation as such, and not a full word. Write for us.

Funny sex names urban dictionary in Shepparton

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