Kamasutra sex positions guide pdf in Burlington

Admin Post author In the last pages of this volume, I have included a selection of the classic Tao sexual positions, so that we can see them in contrast with the others. By that time, the translation was equipped with large images of different positions in sex, what was not presented in the original text.

Carousel Previous Carousel Next. The returning Crusaders brought many new practices back to Europe with them, including some concemed with sex. The attractive layout features a high-quality full-color photo on each page.

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Texts about love and sex, such as the Kama Sutra, are few and far between, but they provide us with a valuable historical and cultural perspec- OrieR Love Texts Thad been pleased nd surprised to discover new items of from reading this ancient text, so I decided to take a look at some of the other early sex manuals.

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Thanks for the explain things of this topic. Nabitha Rihi. These are intensely visual descriptions and it is clear that the ancient Chinese perceived lovemaking as an art form. Amanda N Luoma Download Now. Pastel-colored blocks of text give more in-depth information about high-interest topics.

Kamasutra sex positions guide pdf in Burlington

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