Slang sex terms dictionary in South Yorkshire

Cockney rhyming slang for pony. A lesbian. See 'dogs are barking'. Women's breasts.

Jack is much used in a wide variety of slang expressions. Abbreviations used. A punch. Romani studies 5. A clodhopper is old slang for a farmer or bumpkin or lout, and was also a derogatory term used by the cavalry for infantry foot soldiers.

Mispronounced by some as 'sobs'. Get off — v — To make out with someone.

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Macmillan Dictionary. Antenatal — adj — Prenatal care. Barking is slang for crazy. Totally insane, crazy. The brass-nickel threepenny bit was minted up until and this lovely coin ceased to be legal tender at decimalisation in

  • These are external links and will open in a new window. More than 4, words have been collated in a newly published dictionary of Yorkshire dialect terms.
  • Top definition. A place for those who appreciate countryside and city alike, fresh air , culture, tradition, rain and down to earth, hard working folk.
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The original derivation was either from Proto-Germanic 'skell' meaning to sound or ring, or Indo-European 'skell' split or divide. This article possibly contains original research. A derogatory term for a person who is constantly sick, a hypochondriac, someone in obviously less than perfect health.

Full details here. To swindle.

Slang sex terms dictionary in South Yorkshire

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  • GLOSSARY. OF. YORKSHIRE MEDICAL TERMS to work in the South Yorkshire area. All the words and phrases included in this doesn't expect sex​. Nips. A popular term used South Yorkshire term, a less crude term use in place of fuck chuff/fuck, and The art of performing anal sex in the open countryside.
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  • Jan 17,  · But with all the slang sex terms floating around there (and there are always new ones being created) it can be hard to keep track of what they all mean. So here’s a handy guide of 69 sex terms Author: Alex Manley. May 21,  · The female clitoris. Beat the bishop – v – To masturbate. Belisha Beacons – n – The yellow flashing lights at a pedestrian crossing in the UK but can also be used to refer to a women’s breasts. Bell-end – n – The end of the male genitalia. Also an insult to call someone stupid. “Don’t be such a bell-end.”.
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  • In this week's ongoing series of articles on British Slang, we're going to get personal and talk about words relating to sex and the bedroom. British slang is English language slang used and originating in the United Kingdom and also used to a limited extent in Anglophone countries such as the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Australia, While some slang words and phrases are used throughout Britain (e.g. knackered, meaning Sexual intercourse (Polari). 2.
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  • This is a list of British words not widely used in the United States. In Canada, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Australia, some of the British terms listed are used, An abbreviation of either 'Berkshire Hunt' or 'Berkeley Hunt', rhyming slang for as Yorkshire pudding or black pudding; a fool (informal term usually used. For though the vulgar use of the word Slang applies to those words only which are used to any particular place or climate, nor peculiar to any age or either sex​. Buffer, a woman employed in a Sheffield warehouse to give the final polish to​.
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  • Yorkshire Slang Dictionary. Slang from Yorkshire, God's own county. Yorkshire has given us innumerable wonderful additions to the British language. You'll hear expressions that you won't hear anywhere in Britain or the world. Yorkshire also has a distinctive accent. British slang and language related sites: Complete Dictionary of Cockney Rhyming Slang - a full list of cockney rhyming slang, provided by Manny, a 'London man with a van'.; Cockney Rhyming Slang - an interesting selection of the often enigmatic vernacular of London's East End.; Glaswegian Dictionary - Glasgow terms and phrases.; Wir Ain Leid - Our Own Language - a dictionary, articles on.
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  • Sheffield Springs Academy has decided to ban slang in an attempt to the course put a glossary of their own slang online and are assessed. Derogatory term, taken from the way they speak in Sheffield. Originally to do laundry, from the Hindu dhob meaning washing. Also dhobi, dobi, doby. [​Services.
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