View points on sex education in Anchorage

The use of pupil-centred interactive pedagogies was seen as essential. Nurses today are deeply involved in sexual and reproductive health care. Only a very few university schools of education offer an elective sex education course.

Sexual ideals are divided into sexual ideals in the strict sense and sexual ideals in the broad sense. Today's nursing school curricula rarely include nursing's history, but it's a history worth knowing. Contemporary sexual health curricula in Canada include information about sexual diversity and queer identities, but what remains missing is any explicit discussion of anti-racist sex education.

Sex Education : Another View.

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ADN Store. Level of educational attainment and employment status was comparable across political affiliations. Only parent data were analyzed for this study. Valerie Huber of Ascend - formerly the National Abstinence Education Association - would like to see Congress move toward equal funding earmarked for comprehensive and abstinence approaches.

Gwen Easter, a black woman who runs a community center and preschool program, assailed the proposals to teach acceptance and understanding of gay and transgender youth.

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  • More than 93 percent of parents place high importance on sex education in both middle and high school. Sex education in middle and high school is widely supported by parents regardless of their political affiliation.
  • Alaska student leaders have taken a stand that shows they are more willing to confront the reality of teenage sexual behavior than the adults in charge are.
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  • Rolled into a larger education bill dealing with local control of state education funds, the Alaska Legislature sent legislation to Gov. Bill Walker to sign that requires sex education teachers as well as their curriculum and classroom materials to first be approved by local school boards before such classes can begin.
  • The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates for School Board in the election to answer a series of issue questions. Many of the questions were based on suggestions from readers.
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There were significant and substantial increases in sexual knowledge on all areas for the experimental group. The duration of symptoms before seeking health care, but not the level of education or co-morbid depression, was a predictor of recovery from symptoms of burnout after 18 months.

Questions requesting demographic information and expected final course grade were added.

View points on sex education in Anchorage

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